Yuhi Hospitality

B-6, Block-B, Greenwood City, Sector-45, Gurugram, Haryana - 122003
+91 12 4423 1110 | Yuhi Mansions, Gurgaon
+91 79 9336 2111 | Courtyard by Yuhi, Tada

Opulence Wrapped with Comfort at Yuhi Hospitality

Traverse through oriental tradition and values along with promising service at Yuhi Hospitality. Located in two cities in India - Gurugram and Tada, our hotels have been serving Japanese expatriates living in India for over a decade. The Yuhi team specializes in warm hospitality and bringing out the authentic taste of Japan. Designed with elegant Japanese decor, 'Yuhi' in Japanese depicts the sunset, and our halcyon abodes live by the concept of 'home away from home'. With over 10 years of unwavering commitment to quality-driven service, our hotel in Gurugram and apartment in Tada, near Sri City, offer opulent accommodations with plush, themed interiors and facilities, allowing our guests to kick back, relax, and feel at home.

Our Properties

A Delectable Dining Affair

Enjoy Japanese delicacies with an impeccable ambience at Asagao. With its traditional Japanese decor & theme, this unique eatery, meaning 'morning glory', offers an enlightening gastronomical experience. Enjoy live sports screening along with your Japanese delicacies. The chefs and friendly staff are trained in the ways of Japanese culture, ensuring you leave with a happy tummy and a hearty smile!

Yuhi Hospitality also presents one of the best Italian restaurants near Sri City, exclusively at Courtyard By Yuhi, named Italiano. Serving authentic Italian cuisine, this restaurant offers a multisensory dining experience for guests who love to explore new cuisines!

Konnichiwa Japan Festival

Asagao 'The Japanese Kitchen' took part in the Konichiwa Japan Festival at DLF Avenue on December 2-3, 2023, an event organised by their Business Head, Dhruv Thukral. This event was an important celebration of Japanese culture and food, providing a chance for Asagao to showcase their original culinary creations to a varied audience of Japanese, Indian, and other countries.